How to make your first recording

Once you've installed and set up Screencastify, you're ready to create your first recording. 

Starting a recording

  1. Click the screencastify-icon Screencastify extension icon (if you can't see the icon, click here)
  2. Choose what you want to record: your browser tabentire desktop, or webcam
  3. To narrate over your recording using an internal or external microphone, check the box next to Microphone
  4. To capture the audio originating from within your browser tab or application (e.g. from a video being played), check the box next to Tab Audio or System Audio
  5. Embed your webcam (optional - tab and desktop recordings only)
  6. Click RECORD. You'll see and hear a countdown, and then your recording will begin. 


When Screencastify is recording, a red dot (screencastify-recording-icon) will appear in your extension icon.

Ending a recording

To end a recording, click the extension icon again (or use a keyboard shortcut) and click END RECORDING


You can also pause and resume a recording.

When you end a recording, you will automatically be taken to the recording's Video Page, where you can edit, save and share your recording.

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