I can't see the annotation toolbar

Our annotation tools are only available when recording an active Chrome tab. All regular websites should work, but certain tabs block our annotation toolbar from appearing, including:

  • Blank new tabs
  • Any URLs that begin with "chrome://" (e.g. pages within the Screencastify extension or other extensions)
  • The Chrome Web Store

Whenever you start a tab or desktop recording on a valid, active Chrome tab, you should see our annotation toolbar appear in the bottom left hand corner of your Chrome tab:

screencastify drawing tools toolbar

If you don't see it, the two most common reasons are:

  1. You are recording your WEBCAM, not a TAB or your DESKTOP. Annotation tools are only available in TAB and DESKTOP recordings.
  2. The toolbar has been hidden. Press Alt (or Option) + T to unhide it.

If your toolbar is always hidden when you begin a tab recording, it has likely been disabled in your recording options. To enable it:

  1. Open the extension's Recording Control Panel
  2. Select the TAB or DESKTOP option
  3. Click "Show more options"
  4. Enable the toggle next to "Show Drawing Tools"

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