Change the countdown before a recording

By default, Screencastify will count down from three (both visually and audibly) before every recording begins. This is designed to help you prepare for your recording and provide confirmation that your recording has successfully started.

Change or turn off the countdown

You can shorten, lengthen, or turn off the countdown from the advanced video settings in the Recording Control Panel

  1. Open the extension's Recording Control Panel
  2. Click the icon next to "Video" to open the Advanced video options (it doesn't matter if TAB, DESKTOP, or CAM is selected - if you change countdown settings for one it will apply to all)
  3. To change the length of the countdown, click the number of seconds and select a new number
  4. To turn the countdown off, uncheck the box next to "Countdown"
  5. Click on the Control Panel or press 'esc' to return to the Control Panel

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