Record your desktop

When you record your desktop, Screencastify captures everything on your entire screen or in a specified application. 


Annotations tools are currently unavailable for desktop recordings. If you just want to record what's in your Chrome browser, we recommend a tab recording.

Start a desktop recording

  1. Click the extension icon to open up the Recording Control Panel
  2. Select the "DESKTOP" option
  3. To narrate over your recording with your microphone, check the box next to "Microphone" and choose your audio device. The sound bar next to the microphone icon will light up if it is successfully detecting sound. If it's not, click here to troubleshoot audio issues.
  4. To embed your webcam into a corner of your recording, check the box next to "Embed Webcam" and select your camera. To change the corner in which the webcam appears, click thecorner iconicon and select a corner. 
  5. To see a preview of what your recording will look like in the bottom right hand corner of your screen during your recording, check the box next to "Show preview window". This is primarily helpful if you're embedding your webcam, as it's the only way to see yourself during your desktop recording.

Next, a window will pop up asking if you'd like to record your entire desktop or a specific application. If you choose a specific application, Screencastify will only capture that application window.

After you've made your selection, click "Share". You'll hear a countdown and then your recording will begin.

When Screencastify is recording, a red dot will appear in the extension's icon: screencastify-recording-icon


During your desktop recording, a notification will appear on the bottom of your screen informing you that you're sharing your screen with Screencastify. This notification will not appear in your final recording. 

screencastify desktop sharing notification

End a desktop recording

When you're finished recording, click the Screencastify extension icon and click END RECORDING. You'll then be taken to the Video Page, where you can edit and share your recording.

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