Connect your Google Drive to Screencastify

When you connect your Google Drive to Screencastify, all of your recordings will automatically save to your Google Drive in a folder titled " Screencastify". 

Depending on how long a particular recording is, this process could take a few minutes to complete after you end a recording. 


We highly recommend connecting your Google Drive to Screencastify and saving all of your recordings there vs. locally on your computer. It's much safer.

The first time you open the Screencastify extension, you'll be asked where you want to store your recordings (right after you allow camera and microphone access). 

Make sure that "Google Drive" is selected, then click "Next". You'll then need to sign in with your Google account and allow Screencastify permission to access your Google Drive. You can sign in with any Google-based account, not just a email.

Now, all of your videos will automatically save to your Drive after you finish recording. 

As soon as you finish your first recording, a new " Screencastify" folder will be created in your Drive. All of your recordings will be saved in this folder.

The videos you will see in Your Recordings library in Screencastify are synced with this "Screencastify" folder in your Drive. This means:

  • If you delete a video in Screencastify, it will also be deleted from your Drive
  • If you move a video out of the "Screencastify" folder in your Drive, it will no longer be accessible from Your Recordings in Screencastify
  • If you rename a video in Screencastify, it will also be renamed in your Drive


Screencastify never views, modifies, stores, or in any way interacts with the other files in your Google Drive.

You can always change the default storage location for your recordings, even after initial setup. Simply open the extension menu and click "Options". The first thing you'll see is an option to select where you want to store your recordings.

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