Set up your webcam and microphone

The first time you click on the Screencastify extension icon, you'll be asked to give Screencastify permission to access your webcam and microphone. We ask for these permissions so that you're able to narrate over your recordings and embed / record your webcam.


While you're required to allow access to your camera and microphone in order for Screencastify to function properly, you don't need to include audio or webcam video in your recordings. Screencastify never records audio or video unless you expressly ask it to.

When you click on the grey film strip icon, you'll be taken to a page where you can allow camera and microphone access. Click the "Setup Camera Access" button. Chrome will confirm once more that you'd like to allow microphone and camera access. Click "allow".

And that's it! From now on, you'll be able to narrate over your recordings and record your webcam whenever you'd like.


If Screencastify is unable to detect your microphone, click here. If it's unable to detect your webcam, click here.

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