4. Post Production, Cropping, and Trimming

Now that you are done recording, lets apply some final polish. As soon as you click End Recording, Screencastify will present your video in a new tab.

Your Recordings

There are two ways to access your recordings.

1. Click the Your Recordings button in the top right corner of the Record menu.

 2. Click Your Recordings under the Screencastify menu.

Rename Your Video

 To rename your video, click the title. A new window will appear where you can input the title you would like to use.

Crop Your Video (Premium)

To use the cropping feature, click on your video. You will find the cropping tool in the top right of the window. 

Click the Crop tool and you will be brought to the cropping and trimming page. To crop your videos, click on the edge of the area you wish to keep in your video. Drag the pointer over that area from the point in which you clicked. Finally, release the pointer when you have covered the entire area you wish to show. 

To save the crop you completed, click Save Edit. This will save your new version as well as keep your initial recording if you ever need to make any other edits to the video.

Here is a quick video giving you an overview of cropping your videos:

Trim Your Video (Premium)

Click the Trim tool and you will be brought to the same page as before with cropping.Trimming allows you to cut out parts of the video you do not want to keep at the beginning and the end of your videos. The trimming tools are located at the bottom of the page. 

You will notice two scissors on the bottom left and the bottom right of the screen. Click and drag the Scissor on the left to cut out content from the beginning of the recording. Click and drag the Scissor on the right to cut out content closer to the end of the video.

When you are happy with your edits, click Save edit and, like with cropping, Screencastify will save your edited video and keep the original. 

Here is a quick video giving you an overview of how to trim your videos.

Export Video as MP4 (Premium)

Screencastify is recorded in webm but if you are needing a more common format, you can export your videos in MP4 format. To export, click on your video. In the top right of the page, click on Save to Disk

You will see three different options, click Export as MP4:

 A new window will pop up giving you the option to convert the video to a fixed frame rate. Once you have decided to convert or to leave as is, click Export as MP4

To give you an overview of this process, here is a short video on how to export your videos into the MP4 format:

Export Video as Animated Gif (Premium)

With Screencastify, you can take any portion of your videos and turn them into GIFS. Click on the video you would like to edit. Similar to Exporting as an MP4, click Save to Disk

A dropdown menu will appear giving you three options, click Export animated Gif:

A new window will appear in the middle of the screen that will allow you to resize the GIF:

Once you are happy with the size of the GIF, click Export GIF. Screencastify will turn your selected video into a GIF that is downloadable to your computer. You will be able to find the GIF in your downloads folder. 

Here is a short video showing this process in action:

Deleting Recordings

Sometimes, you are not satisfied with the finished video you just created or you may have recorded a video by accident. To delete your recording, click on the video you would like to remove. In the top right corner of the page, you will see a small trash can: 

A new window will appear asking you to confirm that you would like to delete your Screencast: 

Click Delete and your recording will be removed from Your Recordings.

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