3. Recording with Screencastify

Click the small film strip in the top right corner to begin recording:

This will open a drop down menu entitled Record:

Choose the area you want to record. You can choose between your browser Tab, Desktop, or your Web Cam

Confirm your settings and click the Record button at the bottom of the menu to begin your video. Screencastify defaults your settings to produce the highest quality video available. See below on how to customize your recording settings to best fit your situation.


 At the bottom of the recording menu will be the record button for each type of recording. Click Record Tab, Desktop, or Cam

A countdown will begin. Once the countdown ends, Screencastify will be live and recording what is currently on your tab, desktop, or webcam. 

Once you are ready to finish recording, click the Screencastify extension and click End Recording. 

Customizing Your Audio Settings (Optional)

Your audio settings refer to how you want your audio to be captured within the recording. See the video below on how to turn on, off, or change your audio settings.

To record system audio (the audio coming from within your tab or system), click Tab Audio or System Audio

Customizing Your Video Settings (Optional)

Your video settings refer to how Screencastify captures your screen or your webcam. Embedding your webcam includes a video of yourself within the recording. See image below to choose where the embedded webcam is placed within the recording. 

 Advanced Recording Options (Optional)

To see the advanced options, go to your video settings and to the right of video, you will see three vertical dots. Click the three vertical dots. The advanced options vary depending on what type of recording you are creating. They include:

  • Tab Size
  • Max Frame Rate
  • Limit Resolution
  • Countdown
  • Show Tab Drawing Tools
  • Hide Cursor When Not Moved

Here is a brief video overview of the advanced options:

Tab Drawing Tools

This is a snapshot of the drawing tools available during tab recordings.

See below for details on some of the neat things you can do with the drawing tools.

Pause/Play Recording

While recording your tab, click here to pause and play your recording. If you ever need to cough or have any interruptions, you can pause the recording where you are and resume when you are ready.

Focus area around pointer

With this tool you can focus your audience's attention to where your mouse pointer is. For example, this is great for presenting a demo or highlighting a specific point while running through Google Slides.

Write on screen in any color with the pen

You can draw whatever you would like in on screen in many colors. For example, you may want to circle a clickable item in your presentation.

Erase your drawings

Erase your drawings easily by clicking the eraser in the drawing tools window. Click and Drag where you would like to erase. 

Clear entire screen

Clear all of your drawings by clicking the clear window button. Clearing the entire screen can save you more time than erasing your drawings one by one.

Hide drawing tools window 

You can hide the drawing tools window when you do not need it so that it does not appear during recording. 

Congratulations! You have just created your first video! A new tab will appear with your newly created video ready for post production (premium only), and sharing.

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