About extension permissions

About extension permissions

On installation, you'll be see a dialog with the permissions that Screeencastify requests:

  • Capture content of your screen:

    Triggered by the desktopCapture API, this only covers desktop recording (not tab recording).

  • Communicate with cooperating websites:

    Triggered by externally_connectable property. Used for sign-in, to communicate with the screencastify.com website.

  • Know your email address:

    Used to sign you in with your Chrome user account.

  • Display notifications:

    Notification are used to show upload or editing progress. (They can be disabled in the options).

And optionally, if you want to use tab recording (desktop recording works without this permission):

  • Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit:

    This is triggered by the tabCapture API, that Screencastify uses to record tabs. See here for a discussion. It's also triggered by the host permission for <all_urls>. This is required to draw the mouse pointer inside the tab (via a injected content script) while recording.

If you want to dive deep, take a look at the official extension API documentation that explains how API permissions map to install-time warnings.

Please be aware that the warnings are designed to warn you what the extension could do which such permissions, not what it actually does. Screencastify does not do anything malicious, in fact it does not do anything at all while not in use. It unloads itself to save resources and just waits for clicks on the extension icon or keyboard shortcuts. (Can be verified by activating the developer mode on chrome://extensions and inspecting its view and the absence of its content-scripts on any page while not recording).

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