Set up a site-wide license

A site-wide Screencastify license takes just seconds to set up, no matter how many users your domain has. 

When site-wide license assignment is enabled, everyone with an email will be able to claim one of your Premium licenses when they log in to the Screencastify extension. These licenses will be doled out on a first come, first serve basis until you have no licenses remaining.

  1. Go to your License Manager
  2. Check the box next to "Automatically assign licenses to your (Google Apps) domain users"
  3. Under "Automated license assignment", enter your domain name (e.g. "")


If you have a site-wide license with more than one unique domain and want to automatically assign licenses, contact us.

As your users claim Screencastify licenses, their emails will appear in your License Manager under "Currently assigned licenses". You can reassign or revoke those licenses at any time.

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