Students Demonstrate Comprehension

Problem: Efficacy. Growing gap between what is taught vs what is retained.

People learn best by doing. Teaching the teacher requires students to apply the knowledge gained from the lesson and verbally teach you. Quickly uncover a student’s gaps in understanding more accurately than a traditional written worksheet. Using Screencastify will allow your students to find their own gaps in understanding while giving you insight into their current level of comprehension.

Some subject area ideas to use Screencastify with your students:

  • English - Summarize the previous chapter and express their views on the plot as a primer for writing.
  • Math/Science - Work through a problem on a virtual whiteboard while explaining their reasoning.
  • Social Studies - Summarize how certain past events and social concepts affect them today.
  • Fine Arts - Record a performance from your students to provide live feedback or use Screencastify to demonstrate understanding of artistic concepts learned in class.

These are just a few of the subjects that came to mind. Feel free to adapt these recording ideas to fit your specific classroom subject area or even generate your own.

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