Add Audio to Video to Reach Students in Fun and Interactive Ways

Problem: traditional drills are not efficient and even less engaging.

A fun activity for screencasting is to take an existing video, mute the audio, and then re-record the video with your own narration. Dubbing a video can be used for many educational activities including:

  • Create commentary - Your students can express their opinions and thoughts on the events occurring on screen.
  • Summarize and describe - Students could act out a scene from a movie or show verbatim. This would give them the opportunity to act out the text to express their understanding of the story.
  • Personalize an old story - The students can take creative license to express the story in new and exciting ways. This would allow them to show their understanding of the purpose and themes of the original story. This is similar to how movies reinterpret classic literature. (The movie O and the play Othello).
  • Create an original - Students can create a whole new concept and plot line for the video on screen.
  • Practice speaking foreign languages - Students can take a video in their native language and translate the video into their language of study to provide reinforcement for foreign grammar and vocabulary.

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