Give a Performance

Problem: The world no longer rewards what someone knows, the world rewards what someone produces

Standing up in front of a class or group of students to perform and produce can be a very stressful situation for students. Nervousness can really stand in the way of what a student clearly knows in their head. Another way to help the students with their anxiety is to record a video with Screencastify!

Students can record themselves performing in a more comfortable situation. This can have several benefits:

  • You as the teacher will see a more accurate representation of what the student truly is capable of producing.
  • The student will know what they want from their performance and most likely put in numerous repetitions to get it right.
  • Simply by putting in the work necessary to accurately show what is in their head, they will gain more confidence in their level of live performance.
  • At the end of a Screencastify session, the student can share their performance, with friends and family who never get to see their performance during class.

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